FoodTalk – A Hyper Island project. from Katy Jackson on Vimeo.

FoodTalk is a weekly surprise machine of recipes, with quality content brought to you by Penguin. It’s not just a food app, it’s a mission, build up your cookbook and when you have enough, print your own. Share your successes and failures. Interact with people cooking the same meal through a new social journey where you choose which meals, tweets and pictures which are relevant to you.

Share, publish and help co-create what you love to make.

The Task given by Penguin: How can we bring new life to their recipe content?

View the whole presentation.

Watch the video to see FoodTalk in action and to admire the acting skills from the guys at HYPER ISLAND.

Work completed at HYPER ISLAND

Katy Jackson ‎@suninthecorner
Santiago Ramos @santiagoisramos
Laura Pedroni @LauraPoni
Alex Hunting @AlHunting
Priya Ghai @PriyaGhai

AKA Group 5