The second part of my application to Hyper Island, Digital Media Management Masters course – DMM.

They asked: Why do some companies thrive in the world of interactivity and why is it that some don’t?

Presented in this animation is an idea for a formula that can be applied to any person or company that wishes to thrive in the world of interactivity.

Because of the nature of the formula it is not restricted to any form of interactive media therefore it is useful now and in the future on any project or platform.

By creating the formula it also answers the question ‘why is it that some companies don’t thrive?’. This becomes apparent when you see that they have not followed the key points within the formula.

If you look at companies who fail to create a ‘buzz’ around their attempts at interactive media you see similarities in their efforts: They think that just having a twitter account is enough to get them noticed, They don’t have a great product to start with, They assume people will respond to bargains and offers, They don’t use language that everyone can understand and relate to.