I'm Katy Jackson, Designer for entrepreneurs and startups. I help you to bring your vision to life, get customers and grow.

I specialise in the fast paced, impact-driven design that early stage startups need.

“Katy was instrumental in the design of the product and digital touchpoints. The customer was always at the heart of everything and data and research were key.”

Ian Buckley

“Katy cuts through complexity and nonsense and makes things simple and easy."

Jen Williams
Product Design Director @ Frog

"Do you want something to look magical? Beautiful? Slick? Fresh? And do you want it delivered on time following a simple process? Search no more... Katy is the one."

Rubens Filho

The design help you need, when you need it...

Image showing pitch deck design

Investment stage:

Create a compelling story. Get help making your vision clear to investors with:

  • Pitches
  • Mockups
  • Product Vision
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Getting your first users:

Test your riskiest assumptions. Get help creating or improving your first product with:

  • Sales materials
  • Landing pages
  • Product UX/UI Design
  • MVP Design
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Showing landing page design for a startup
Showing phone with app design for energy company

Product market fit:

Reach your north star. Get help growing your product in market with:

  • Experiments
  • Ads + Landing pages
  • Solving UX issues to increase metrics
  • A slick user interface
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Tackling climate change? Helping others?

I want to hear from you. I offer both a discount and extra support to companies working to tackle climate change and other important causes. Let me know what I can do to help you succeed.

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