About me

Katy Jackson (She/Her)

I’m a Scot living in Amsterdam. Currently I spend half of my time working with Startups to help them grow through impactful design.

The rest of my time I'm the Chief of Wow (official title). I Co-founded the Experiential learning company Abracademy. Where we unleash the magic of people through engaging employee experiences. We’ve blown the minds of people at companies like Spotify, Netflix and Mural with our unique blend of training, meaningful play and magic.

I care about making products that work and that have a positive impact. I’m seeking out future projects where I can use my experience to have that positive impact on the world.

Doing good work
With a good purpose
For good people.

Photo of Katy

10+ years experience

69.2% thinking,
30.8% pushing pixels. Approximately.

I have been a designer for over 10 years now. I've worked at and freelanced at agencies (Idean now Frog, Made by Many, SHINE) and I've spent time with Startups (Desktime now Deskpass, Harvest London, Sanctuary, Juggle.) Alongside creating some of my own personal projects like Find Caravans and the Startup Design Resources.

Working with me...

Who I like to work with

- Startups
- Scaleups
- Climate solutions
- Social Impact
- Learning & Training companies

What I do

- User Interface design
- Experience design
- User research
- Website Design
- Competitor Research
- Co-Creation Workshops

When should you hire me?

You're an entrepreneur or startup founder.

You're looking for someone who works 1-2 days per week because you don't need or can't afford a full time designer.

You're looking for someone senior enough to own the design of your digital product/service.

You're looking for someone who can work autonomously with enough experience to deliver effective work.